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We talked to Lluís Manel Barba, professor of Oenology at the Hofmann School and in charge of teaching the Wine Tasting course.

Writer of informative books on wine culture and partner of the Barcelona wine distributor Entrevins, his professional range will allow us to talk about wine from different angles.


What do you learn in this course?

Mainly, to enjoy the wine experience more. We already know that we like wine, but we will learn why we like one wine more than another. We will learn the tasting technique, the secrets of winemaking and the magic of wine pairing.


Does the course consist of both theoretical and practical parts?

To get to know the world of wine, it is as important to have the theory to understand as the practice to enjoy. When you know the theoretical enological bases, the wine captivates you much more trying to find its differences.


How are the classes developed?

Each session consists of 2 distinct parts. The first part is more theoretical, where the basics of viticulture and enology will be explained in a simple and didactic way. The second part is wine tasting, related to the initial explanation.

The grace of this course is that the wines are paired with different foods. This makes this course unique among those held in Barcelona.


Who is the target audience of the course?

This course can be of interest to people who want to start in the world of wine, as well as amateurs and professionals in the restaurant industry who want to expand their knowledge.


Can you recommend some of your oenology books?

Without a doubt La Cata de Vinos - Editorial Grijalbo. It is a book that was written 20 years ago and we have updated it. This September we present the most recent update.


What do you think is the most important part of winemaking?

The vineyard is very important, but the winery is where the wines materialize. The wines are made by the people who make them. Therefore, the winery is where great wines are born.


Is wine pairing the key to a good meal?

Of course, it is. When we get what we eat and drink to merge, the gastronomic experience is brutal. It's not always achieved. I always think of pairing as a game. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don't, but the game is always fun.


How would you describe the world of winemaking?

Complicated. Sometimes we professionals make it too difficult and that makes many people not feel attracted. We have to make everything easier. During this course, I will try to make it more direct and fun because I really think the world of wine is exciting. 



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