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Both grew up between stoves, fulfilled their dreams in parallel, and with the arrival of the pandemic, their paths rejoined at the Hofmann School.

Salvador Vallès's dream had always been to make “cava”. His father had an alcohol company, but he died when he was young and had no choice but to dedicate himself to construction to raise money for his family. After 50 years he decided to buy a small winery in the Penedès. Today, after 16 years, Emendis is a family winery that is reaching one and a half million bottles of “cava” and wine, and which even has a wine tourism department.


From a very young age, Marta Vallès was already in the kitchen, but it was not until she was detected intolerance to gluten that she began to investigate the world of cooking. Today, she is one of her passions and after years of effort and dedication she has been able to open her first restaurant: “Vinyes de Lilith”. It is based on a healthy cuisine, with local and ecological products, cooked in a Josper oven and house wines.


  • Where does your passion for cooking come from?


As everyone says, because of the grandmothers ... my grandmother had an inn and she was the cook. From a very young age she was already at the stove, learning how to make aioli, etc. But where I have really learned and discovered my passion for cooking has been at the Hofmann School, with Mey Hofmann. 40 years ago I was one of the first students in Mey's cooking course with Professor Lladonosa, on the Ferran Street.



We could say that I was born between stoves. I remember a photo that I have in the kitchen at home, with three years old, a sky-blue bathrobe and a hake in hand. But it was really celiac disease that encouraged me to immerse myself in the world of cooking, to the point of opening my own business.


  • How did you come up with the idea of ​​joining the course together?


At the best moment of the adventure, the pandemic arrives and we feel compelled to stop everything. I try to encourage Marta to take advantage of the situation to continue training in the kitchen. And what better place than the Hofmann School... For me, to come to Hofmann is to go back to heaven.



Course hours have become our favorite hours of the week. Sharing profession and passion with my father is a gift. Hofmann has become home. The school day is our day: when we leave we are going to eat in a different place and we have become very confident.


  • Do you think this course is well suited for people in their 30s as well as for people in their 60s?


I think the important thing is that you like cooking. If you are passionate about cooking, there is no age. You live it, you enjoy it and you don't stop learning and growing. And I am very lucky to be able to enjoy all this with my father, two generations sharing this passion.


  • Would you recommend the experience to future students?

Marta and Salvador:

We would definitely recommend this experience. Hofmann follows unique methodologies and know-how. We think it is the perfect school to train you, deepen your culinary knowledge and go very far.


  • What do you value the most of all that you are learning?

Marta and Salvador:

What we value the most is the human quality that exists. Lluís is our chef and we really have no words to describe the good connection and the treatment we have with them. From minute zero they make it easy for you, you learn and at the same time you enjoy. It is an incredible experience, in all aspects.


  • When you get home, do you like to discuss the classes and cook together?


When I go to Salvador's house, I am the assistant. And when he comes to the restaurant, he looks around, he watches, he helps from a father's point of view and professionally. It's fantastic for me, because he's the first person to try my new recipes and I love getting feedback from him.


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