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Today we share the experience of Arnau Oró. Hofmann's former student and member of the kitchen team of the Thailand starters service at DiverXo restaurant tells us how he experienced training at the School and the first feelings in the professional world.

How did your passion for gastronomy come about?

There has not been a specific moment that has been key, but the truth is that over the years I have increasingly liked eating and trying different things. After repeating the second year of high school, I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do in the future and what I really liked, and then I decided to study cooking.


What motivated you to study at the Hofmann School?

Of all the schools I visited, Hofmann was the best in terms of practice.


How has your training at the Hofmann Hospitality School influenced your professional experience?

It has helped me to be much more organized when working and thus have much more productivity and effectiveness in what I do, although I still have a lot to learn and continue to improve.


What do you value most about the training at Hofmann?

What I value the most are the cooking bases that they teach you. The methodology to prepare the stocks, the cuts, the way to treat the product, the team, etc.


Would you repeat the experience?

Yes, 100%.


What message would you give to current students?

My words would be to make the most of the training hours at the School and not tire of asking any teacher or chef any doubts and questions they may have. It is very important to touch as much of the product as possible, because once you leave there you will surely not have the option of making a mistake without getting a good fight, at least. And, above all, that you enjoy the experience every day.


What have been the most important challenges you have had to face in your current position?

The most difficult challenges have been several, starting with mental strength. The first day I felt lost and unproductive, but over the days things got better and I took on more responsibilities in cooking. It was also difficult to adapt to doing such long days and practically without rest, because I was not used to it, although it was what I really liked.


What are your career plans for the near future?

For now, my main idea is to stay on DiverXo until I feel like I can't get any more juice out of it. But I really want to move to different restaurants that catch my attention.



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