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Jesús began his career as a cook at just 18 years old and it was at Hofmann that he discovered his passion for pastry. He continued to train internationally until he returned to Hofmann to add all his knowledge and expertise, revolutionizing the bakery sector.

A few days before the San Juan festival, the Hofmann pastry team has presented its catalog of San Juan cocas and Jesús will tell us a little about the production process.

What are the keys to making a good San Juan coca?

The recipe for a good San Juan coca begins with the search for the best raw materials. In addition, you must be aware that to achieve a good result we must put aside the rush and respect the kneading and fermentation times. If we do not respect the step-by-step process, the final result will be penalized both in taste and in preservation of the product.

What are the “star ingredients” of Coca de San Juan?

We could say that the most influential ingredients for a good preparation are butter, flour without additives, organic eggs and fresh milk. The more quality our raw material has, the better result we will obtain. In addition, it is essential to use good candied fruit and quality pine nuts.

What makes the coca de San Juan de Hofmann unique?

From the Hofmann pastry team, we are very methodical throughout the production process and we pamper our sourdough every day. We carry out long fermentations of more than 24 hours, so that they provide all the benefits to our digestive system. In addition, our team bets year after year to offer innovative products and new flavors for the most daring.

How do you organize the Hofmann team to make the cakes?

I am very fortunate to be part of a team with great professionals and the vast majority of us have been working together for many years, so when it comes to preparing all the preparations we get on very well. To facilitate the process of making the different varieties of cocas, we divide the team and each one of them is in charge of the production of a variety.

What day do you start with the preparation of the cocas?

We start to make the cocas a maximum of three days before San Juan, so that the product is as fresh as possible. As they are 100% natural and do not contain any type of additive, they must be produced “at the moment”.

Is the traditional fruit coca still the success of the verbena?

Yes, the truth is that it is still the most requested by customers. It is a coca that is deeply rooted in our customs, which we have always shared with our loved ones and that has created a very special bond. However, every year there is more public that wants to live a new experience and launches for the most creative proposals, with new textures and flavors.


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