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On July 6th and 7th we will hold a monographic course together with LOV Ferments in which you will learn how to preserve vegetables in a different way, create unique flavors generated by microorganisms and give a distinctive touch to your recipes.

Fermented foods have been part of our history as a species.

The multi-talented Robert Ruiz Moreno, director of the LOV ferments school and in charge of R&D, will be responsible for teaching the course. Barcelonian by origin and a nomad at heart, Robert worked for years as a traveling chef in the most remote places on the planet. There he polished and shaped his fermented classification that he would derive in his KamideDeus project. He is dedicated to fermenting the world, not a day goes by without doing some new test.

Are you passionate about the world of ferments? Take note of the following explanations from the LOV ferments team and encourage yourself to be part of the world of ferments.

What is fermentation?

In LOV ferments we call fermentation to the accumulation of conservation preparations of biological origin. We feed a microorganism to make substances that are harmful to others. In this way, we manage to extend the useful life of a product and with the generation of new substances we create unique aromas and flavors.

And why ferment?

20% of the European diet is fermented and they have the least impact. We are so culturally immersed in fermentation that it often goes unnoticed. Coffee, chocolate, cheeses, wine, beer, vinegars, distillates or bread are just some of the products that we obtain by fermenting. In addition, preserving fermented products brings new aromas and unique flavors to this cluster of techniques.

What are we going to learn in this monographic course?

We immerse ourselves in the wide world of lactofermented vegetables and pickled vegetables. We will teach the basic techniques to ferment safely at home or in your business. We will show how with the vegetables we have, vinegar or salt, we can preserve them and add new aromas and flavors to our elaborations.

Who would you recommend this course to?

Anyone who wants to enter the wide world of fermentations and wants to use these techniques as one more work tool. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge about fermentations to attend this course, since we immerse ourselves in the technical and theoretical part, addressing it with practice.  

Get more information about the course. 


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