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An advertisement for a well-known beer brand has brought together the 40 best chefs in the country to sign a manifesto for gastronomy. Only these five renowned cooks appear.

The hospitality and restaurant sector is running out in a crisis that continues to feed on them. For this reason, the Estrella Damm company has wanted to launch Chef, a manifesto campaign with 40 of its best-known clients, stars like them who are committed to high-level cuisine, many Suns and many Michelin.

The advertisement, recorded by the film director Alberto Rodríguez, is located in a luxurious exterior, El Bulli, "a symbol of contemporary cuisine", in which the great chefs of our country begin to parade along the trails of the Costa Brava where it is striking that there are only five women, an image of the masculinization of a sector where few are at the top.

Maca de Castro (Maca de Castro)
The 40-year-old Mallorcan chef runs a restaurant of the same name, Maca de Castro, in Alcúdia. She herself describes her kitchen as an "ancestral alembic that distills drop by drop her passion for Mallorcan pantry".

After training at the hospitality school in Mallorca, she opted for training in excellence that has led her to travel the world and collaborate with great chefs such as Hilario Arbelaitz, Juan Mari Arzak and Andoni Luis Aduriz in San Sebastian, Jean Coussau in Magescq or Willy Dufresne In New York.

Maca de Castro has achieved that her dishes based on local produce and a very marked tradition were recognized with a Michelin star and 3 Suns from the Repsol Guide. From her kitchen came the wedding menu of a pro Mallorcan like Rafa Nadal and Xisca Perelló.

Silvia Hofmann (Hofmann Group)
She is the CEO of the gastronomic empire, since her mother Mey Hofmann died. Her poster includes not only the famous school in Barcelona, ​​but also the Hofmann Restaurant, the Hofmann Taverna and the emblematic Hofmann Pastry shop, along with the annexed space La Seca, located in the Espai Brossa.

Silvia, who has spent half her life between Milan and Paris, where she studied more Hospitality and Kitchen, has had to face the biggest crisis in the sector due to the pandemic but continues to maintain the essence of the group that her mother began to set up, a whole cooks teacher, in the 80s.

Fina Puigdevall and her daughter Martina (Les Cols)
Fina is the chef and owner of Les Cols, in Olot, a farmhouse restaurant that has achieved two Michelin Stars and two Suns from the Repsol Guide, especially for her work with the raw material. In her dishes she bets on 0 kilometer products, especially from La Garrocha, and from her own orchards or her chicken coop.

Her 'volcanic' cuisine, a name she owes to the region where she is located (from the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park), has made her be considered one of the best Spanish cooks.

Over the past few years, Fina has increasingly begun to delegate the reins of Les Cols to her three daughters, Martina being the one who has assumed a key role in the kitchens, while one of her sisters is the head of the room and the other is prepares to continue contributing, perhaps in its sweetest aspect, to the famous restaurant.

Martina has a degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts from the Basque Culinary Center and has worked in restaurants such as Lúz, Blue Hill at Stone Barns or Gustu.

Carme Ruscalleda (Cuina Estudi)
This chef has been a National Gastronomy Award since 1998. Her first studies were on charcuterie, since she wanted to join the family business, which was precisely that. However, the talent of this Catalan woman made her expand the business, first with homemade dishes to take away and then, in 1988, she launched herself to open the Sant Pau restaurant in San Pol de Mar, together with her husband. In three years she already had the first Michelin Star. In 2006, she already had three.

She has been a great entrepreneur in the business and has even dared to open a Sant Pau but in Tokyo, Japan being a country where she has done a lot of pedagogy of Spanish and Catalan gastronomy, at the same time that she has applied techniques of Japanese cuisine to the indigenous product.

She is the only woman in the world with seven stars (three of her for her restaurant Sant Pau in San Pol de Mar, two for Moments, in Barcelona and another two for the restaurant Sant Pau in Tokyo).

The chefs have wanted to launch a manifesto with this announcement:

"We have taken the necessary measures, and when they have asked us, we have closed. They say that we are in a moment of total transformation, that nothing will ever be the way it was, that difficult times are coming. Well, we are going to do the following: We will collaborate with the best producers, we will work from sunrise to sunset, we will continue to seek excellence, obsessively taking care of every detail, with the highest level of professionalism and dedication. We will investigate, innovate, create ...

With enthusiasm, with great desire, and always making self-criticism. Being nonconformists… and with humility. That is, we will continue working exactly the same, as we have always done. We will continue to do the same thing that made us the most respected gastronomy in the world.

And so we can continue to receive you in our home, with your friends, with your co-workers, with your family.

To share, to enjoy, to discover… So that you freak out. To take care of the well-being of your body and your soul. And we couldn't do it any other way. Because this is not just our livelihood ...

It is our way of living."


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