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The Hofmann School of Hospitality and the "Bean to Bar by MXBCN" present their first "limited edition" panettone made from top quality ingredients and with a mixture of organic cocoa and toasted vanilla for this Christmas sweet of Italian origin and internationally renowned.

A unique panettone for those seeking new experiences and unusual flavors, with a limited and numbered edition, available from December 18 at the Hofmann patisserie.

The secret of this new panettone lies in the “super milk” chocolate, with 50% Papoa Guinea origin cocoa, from the “Bean to Bar by MXBCN” (Barcelona Chocolate Museum), a variety that has been selected exclusively for its notes of toasted dried fruit with a subtle and pleasant smoky touch, which combines perfectly with toasted Bourbon vanilla.



Another of the differentiating and most important elements is the sourdough, since it is necessary to feed it daily and keep it at a temperature above twenty-six degrees, before moving on to the rest of the elaborations. Two fermentation processes and a total of 60 hours are necessary to achieve the desired result with a 100% natural and artisan dough. In this way, patience and the technique of a good kneading and fermenting are essential to achieve the best of results.

Experience and talent for an artisan and local panettone.

Through this alliance, Silvia Hofmann, president of the Hofmann Group and the pastry team together with Olivier Fernández, director of the Gremi Pastry School of Barcelona, ​​have wanted to unite all their experience and talent as benchmarks in the sector. A clear commitment to the local and artisan product for the base of a consolidated sweet thanks to its great demand and that aspires to become one of the star desserts of Christmas. The result is a panettone that stands out for its creamy texture, its juiciness and an incredible flavor of cocoa and Bourbon vanilla. A balance between aroma and flavor that shows a unique honeycombed appearance when cut, with pieces of chocolate inside. A unique Christmas sweet without preservatives and with totally artisan processes.

For its part, the Hofmann Hospitality School completes its offer for this Christmas with its particular version of the classic fruit panettone, as well as the chocolate and almond panettone or the lemon yogurt and pistachio marzipan, another of the novelties of this year , all of them available in the Hofmann pastry shop. In addition, for yet another year, you will also be able to taste a wide selection of artisan nougat, inspired by some of Hofmann's emblematic desserts.


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