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Maria Alejandra Riba is part of the H-26 generation. After finishing his studies, he went to France to apply all his knowledge and to learn the most refined cuisine.

She was working at Le Chateaubriand, a French restaurant with a Michelin star and now she works at the Pottoka restaurant in Paris as a kitchen assistant.


Tell us, how did your passion for gastronomy come about?

Since I was little I always liked helping my mother to cook since she was dedicated to this profession and from there my passion and journey through this world began. When I finished compulsory school, I studied fashion and, in the middle of my studies, I realized that it was not really my passion but my hobby and that my true passion was gastronomy, cooking and making people happy with my dishes and that's where I met Hofmann.


3 words that define the school:

Discipline, experience and passion.


How was your experience during the training at the School?

A very nice and satisfactory experience, I had first-class teachers and students who today are like brothers who gave me this profession. Without a doubt, I would study cooking and pastry again and again at Hofmann. Whenever they ask me about cooking schools, I recommend my school with my eyes closed.


What do you value most about the training?

The hours of internships we have, since not all cooking schools have this benefit of being able to do internships in a Michelin-starred restaurant and how well prepared we leave after school.


How has your training at The Hofmann Hospitality School influenced your professional experience?

Very good. Today I am working as a pastry chef in a restaurant in Paris, France where my experience has been successful thanks to the knowledge acquired at Hofmann and throughout my professional practices.


What have been the most important challenges you have had to face in your current position?

Being away from my family. For me this has been a very important challenge since they are everything to me but unfortunately where I come from, gastronomy is not very developed and to become one of the greats you need a lot of experience and practice and this is where I am now. .


What message would you give to current students?

That there will be moments where you want to throw in the towel and that is where you have to raise your head and not give up, it does not matter if they tell you that you are not good for this, we all feel that way at some point but do not leave it. Go ahead with your dreams and passion.


What would you say to a person who wants to start in this world?

It is not easy but if you are passionate do it. Do it with all your might because the road will be very beautiful. You will have more difficult days than others and unforgettable moments that will remain in your memories for a lifetime. Not only will you learn to be a cook, but to value many things that have nothing to do with the subject, such as living to the fullest every moment, stage and second because it passes very quickly and you will want to learn as much as you can in two years and means, medium. And of course I would recommend Hofmann for them to start their studies.


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