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“Take your chance, the train only passes once ”. Ivan Raltson, Hofmann's former student and one of the most renowned chefs in Latin America

Ivan Ralston is part of the H-18 generation. His restaurant, Tuju in Sao Paulo is one of the best in Latin America and has two Michelin stars. We spoke with him about his beginnings at Hofmann and what his journey has been like since then.

How did your passion for gastronomy come about?

My family is involved in this world. When I was a kid, my parents already had casual dining restaurants. My father's first restaurant was in 1970. Later when I was 9 years old my father opened his second restaurant that continues to this day. It's called Rascal. I believe my passion for gastronomy comes from home.

Why Hofmann?

I believe that Hofmann is one of the few or perhaps the only School that combines theory with practice with such accuracy. Having the opportunity to be working in a Michelin Star restaurant while studying has made all the difference in my training.

How was your experience during the training at the School?

Very positive! Very good memories, both from the teachers and from the students who are friends to this day.

What do you value most about the training?

The best thing about Hofmann is the global vision it gives you of the industry. The theoretical part, the practices, the pastry ... one supports the other in a very complete vision.

How has your training at The Hofmann Hospitality School influenced your professional experience?

It has influenced a lot, when we left school we already had the experience of having worked as starting chefs for two years. Besides that, Hofmann is a school that instigates a passion for gastronomy, for knowing more, for wanting to learn more, for continuing to study and evolve.

What have been the most important challenges you have had to face in your current position?

I think nothing will be as difficult as what we are going through now with the coronavirus. We have been closed for 5 months, we still do not know when it will be possible to reopen. Brazil is perhaps the country most affected by sars-cov2.

What message would you give to the current students?

That you enjoy every moment, because surely you will miss them. Concentrate on the real kitchen, on everything that Hofmann offers you and not fall into daily distractions. Take your chance. The train only stops once.

What would you say to a person who wants to start in this world?

Let start with the basics, studying the kitchen basics. Create a technical repertoire to evolve with your own style.


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