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Today, Miquel and David tell us about the next pastry courses, which they plan to start this October.

Miquel Guarro, director of pastry at Hofmann School, has had it very clear since his entry in 2019. His intention has been no other than to bet on the human side of the team, working hand in hand and incorporating pedagogical and technical aspects, aimed at a cleaner, more personal and leading design bakery. Guarro has accumulated an extensive experience in the pastry industry despite his young age (30 years). The chef has worked at the pastry shop Targarrona (Igualada), at Bubó, a reference pastry shop in Barcelona, at Metz with Franck Fresson, as head of pastisserie at the Barcelona restaurant Dos Cielos** and is teacher at Chocolate Academy BCN.

David Kohler, current profesor at the Hofmann School, has more than 20 years of experience in the sector. He has trained in renowned restaurants in France and Switzerland, such as Auberge du Raisin, in Switzerland, recognized with two Michelin stars. He has worked as a pastry chef at Abac Restaurant for more than three years together with Xavier Pellicer and was part of the opening of the restaurant Dos Cielos ** in Barcelona. Kohler has also travelled the world conducting various international consultancies with renowned pastry chefs, artisans and renowned restaurants.

How are the new Hofmann Pastry courses presented?

D/M: Given the current situation with the Covid-19, we have reduced the capacity and have implemented the specific containment measures for the School. Regarding the methodology and the entire learning and training process, it remains the same as we have been committed to this process of education and teaching to our future chefs and we have observed the positive results of this. 

Who do you recommend the Level I and Level II pastry courses to? 

D: For amateurs and people who want to deepen their knowledge within the world of pastry, who want to continue learning the basics of the pastry and who have little time to do so .A demonstrative and practical course condensed into 126 hours of training with the quality, demand and professional standards of the Hofmann School. 

How does the professional pastry course stand out from the rest? 

D: The professional pastry course is aimed at people who want to devote themselves professionally to this trade. This course is the most complete of all the pastry training offer. It is a training where the practical part of the student takes a lot of importance and we dedicate as many hours as possible, so that our students get used to working with raw materials and acquire the necessary skills to develop properly in a future job. We do not miss any opportunity that allows us to get down to business.

On the other hand, this practical training is combined with the demonstrations that our teachers give, where they explain all the details of each elaboration. Also, we bring the opportunity to learn from external professionals, to give the student a greater scope when it comes to understanding the trade. And, last but not least, we dedicate part of the training to the chemistry of food, to understand them and learn how they interact, as well as the nutritional and how to make ourselves aware of all intolerances about the products.

What place does innovation occupy in your way of working? How do you feed the creative spirit?

M: At Hofmann, we are constantly evolving, looking for better ways and processes, and this allows us to discover new ways to travel and reach different results.These small innovations added day after day, give us tools to create new products. It is important to question everything to keep learning and keep the curious and creative spirit. Furthermore, it’s very appreciative to be able to share different points of view among the entire team, and that is a true source of inspiration. 

And what role do tradition and roots play in your elaborations? 

M: Tradition is the main pillar of Hofmann, without that knowledge we would not be able to reinvent ourselves. This is why it is so important in patisserie to learn the basics well, repeat them over and over again until they become a part of you. 

What is behind the team of chefs at Pastry Hofmann? 

D/M: A lot of work, a lot of dedication, extensive professional careers, a very differential methodology in each of the team's components that together make a perfect combination and, above all, sharing this passion with the rest of your colleagues. 

Why Hofmann? 

D/M: Because it is an institution, a pioneer in the sector and a benchmark school, with complete machinery and training that will accompany you throughout your life. A community, a great family in which you share passion and profession. 

What is the most fascinating part of this profession for you? 

D: For me gastronomy is culture and this work allows you to develop it anywhere in the world. It is a concrete and necessary profession wherever you go. I consider myself a fan of travelling and discovering the world and with this profession I have been able to allow myself to do the two things that I like the most. 

M: When you really feel that this profession is your passion, it becomes a way of life and an immense range of possibilities opens up for you. Being able to create your own pieces and that people choose them, enjoy them and not only that, but you can enjoy the feeling of thinking that, even if only for an instant, you have made that person happy, it is a very gratifying feeling and you feel lucky.   


What would you say to a future pastry chef who wants to train in this sector? 

D: To begin with, you have to be aware that it is a long-term job, and in which you must always be prepared to learn to sacrifice your life a little since it is a purely vocational job. In addition to this, I think that one of the first requirements is that you are passionate about gastronomy, that you like to eat, try, that you enjoy inviting your own, that you try and that you spend hours and hours in a kitchen: at the end, it's a profession that ends up being a bit of a lifestyle. 

M: That he dedicates time to training, that he is an inquirer and that at first he moves around a lot. That you see different ways of working and that you keep the things that you like from each professional with whom you share a trade, that you enjoy the experiences that you will live in this trade and that you are not in a hurry, which is a trade that is learned with years and you never stop learning. 

A motto to accompany you? 

D: If you want, you can.

M: Don't be afraid to be wrong. 

The essential ingredient: 

D: Butter

M: Salt



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