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The atypical Easter

The Indians, the cowboys, the Vikings, the pirates and the princesses of Hofmann, the protagonists of this Easter 2020.

To the bewilderment that grips most small businesses, Catalan bakeries have these days added the burden of a personal dilemma: What to do with the masterpieces that where ready to show in their pastries, Does it make sense to hold the Easter celebration in which the protagonists are the youngest in the house but which, in a way, loses its essence if it is not lived with the family? Does it make sense to deprive the children, who are more than tired of being locked up in the house, of the long-awaited sweet that their godparents give them every year at this time? The issue is a mess that everyone has solved as they see fit, supporting colleagues who have opted for the opposite option, because everything is understandable in circumstances like those we live.

While some well-known confectioners, such as Josep Maria Rodriguez, from La Pastisseria Barcelona, Silvia Hofmann, from Hofmann, or Jordi Roca, who had just opened the chocolate factory and hotel Casa Cacao in Girona, have preferred to wait until we get back to life on the streets to put their masterpieces on sale and be able to celebrate Easter in better conditions and with the family, others have chosen to minimize the damage by carefully selling the goods online or in the shop.


Hofmann's proposal this year is different since they have decided to leave aside the classic animal world and play with different universal, magical and friendly characters. "Visually very attractive pieces that recover the techniques of flat figures, to find a new design halfway between the volume provided by the use of the egg and the unique grace of the chocolate elements cut with a pattern", explains Miquel Guarro.

On a technical level, they have made the bodies with 17.5 cm white chocolate eggs, the trousers with half-bagged half-balls of 15 cm diameter and the legs with chocolate tubes of 8.5 cm diameter. In addition, to give shape to hoofs and horns, they have adapted and taken advantage of the high parts of eggs of 20.4 cm. 

"We have designed all the patterns by hand and then sectored them so that we can cut methacrylate patterns to achieve cleaner cuts. At the same time, we have created some custom silicone moulds to reproduce small pieces much more easily and effectively". 

With a letter to all his readers, Hofmann has communicated that the masterpieces are staying at home to show solidarity for this exceptional situation that we are experiencing. However, it has been decided to give the option of ordering them through his website:, in the section, HOFMANN VOUCHERS, so that they can be enjoyed once the alarm is lifted.


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