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The young chef Alvaro Clavijo, positioned in the 21st position of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Álvaro Clavijo was born in Colombia. A young man who always showed interest in cooking when working in several restaurants in Bogotá, a passion that led him to serve as a dishwasher by staying close to the stove.

Due to the little opportunity he had in his native country to enter the world of cooking, he moved to Barcelona to study at the Hofmann Hospitality School, where he obtained gastronomic knowledge that today he thanks with his whole being, he says.

After completing his studies in Barcelona, ​​Álvaro traveled to Paris, where he had the opportunity to work in some of the best establishments in the world such as L’Atelier, gastronomic temple of the illustrious Joël Robuchon. From there he jumped to New York, to the Per Se of Thomas Keller and, finally, in Noma de Rene Redzepi, in Copenhagen.

That global journey allowed him to expose his culinary talent and also helped him to understand the seriousness of the profession, wanting to transfer it to his country to start his own project.

Upon his return to Bogotá in 2013, Clavijo undertook his culinary project that ended up opening in 2015, the restaurant "El Chato", a place that served Colombian food interpreted with the techniques and methods he learned from great chefs.

The young chef's style of cooking managed to earn the loyalty of many diners in a short time. However, in 2017 he decided to turn his business around and moved it to a more luxurious location, renewing his traditional proposal to focus on the seasonal without neglecting the inspiration offered by the recipe book and the ingredients of Colombia.

His new menu was then adjusted to the availability of inputs, a condition that gave freshness to his dishes and unleashed his ability for innovation. This new way of assuming the kitchen has transformed him into a great reference of Colombian gastronomy, so much so that it earned him to be considered in the 21st position of The 50 Best Latinos in 2018 and then be part of the exclusive top 10 in 2019, In addition to being named the best establishment in Colombia.


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