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In the award of the "50 Best Restaurants in Latin America," Venezuelan chef Carlos García has been chosen as the best in his class among a group of 50 Latin Americans.

Carlos studied law but graduated as an Administrator, a profession he practiced without much interest until he decided to devote himself to what he really liked cooking. He became interested in cooking at an early age thanks to his grandmother, who enjoyed making enjoy around a table.

Subsequently, he went to Barcelona and trained at the Hofmann School. “I was going to stay a couple of years and I ended up staying 9 years. I went to Menorca, I was in the Basque Country, Madrid, although most of it in Barcelona. It is there where I more understood the fact of cooking with a good product, traditional cooking, in a good hand, well done and that is what I have been trying to do in my restaurants since then ”he tells about his time in Barcelona.

Carlos García stands out in the world for his signature cuisine. And although today he lives in Miami where he is at the head of his Obra Kitchen Table restaurant, in the modern Brickell District, it was by Alto, his first restaurant in Venezuela, that his colleagues distinguished him with the “Best Chef in Latin America” award in this latest edition of Latin America's 50 Best.

For the chef, haute cuisine seeks a second air after a period of accelerated changes and growth, imposing maturation, the return to the market kitchen and the continuous search to exalt the flavor of the products.


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