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La Vanguardia offers an in-depth interview with Silvia Hofmann, the woman and entrepreneur at the helm of the Hofmann Group, who has brought modernity, innovation and entrepreneurial strength to the brand, as well as printing her personal and charismatic stamp.

In this interview, conducted by Cristina Jolonch, we know a little better Silvia Hofmann, CEO of the hofmann group. Silvia, who for 3 years has been at the forefront of the legacy left to her mother Mey Hofmann, has very clear ideas and works tirelessly to achieve her goals, to grow the Hofmann School, a benchmark of quality in gastronomic teaching worldwide, and all business related to it. From respect for tradition, Silvia Hofmann leads the Hofmann group towards professionalization and new trends, without losing the familiar and welcoming spirit that is printed on the brand's DNA. This new stage is characterized by its personal innovative seal, its human quality, its charisma and its passion for details.  In this interview we discover this 21st century directive a little more.


Hofmann Culinay School

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