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Duration: 12 months

Start date:
Start dateFeb 22, 2022
8:30 AMh. - 2:00 PMh.



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The Hofmann School Professional Cooking Course offers intensive training aimed at acquiring the knowledge and necessary skills to become a true professional in the world of cooking.

Through a combination of practical training at the Hofmann School and an exhaustive theoretical training followed by internships in a collaborating restaurant in the last part of the course, you will train for a whole year to take a step forward in your profession as a chef or enter the field of haute cuisine.

If you want to expand your culinary knowledge with the best chefs and become a professional in the kitchen, we strongly recommend this course.


Who is it aimed at

The Hofmann Professional Cooking Course is aimed at people who want to be an active part of the current gastronomic scene based on the high quality standards of The Hofmann School.



The Hofmann School Curriculum has been unique and tailor-made by the school since its inception. It has been evolving and adapting to the needs of the labour market, always maintaining the highest standards of teaching quality.

The professional cooking course lasts 12 months divided into two blocks:

Stage 1: 20 weeks

  • Combination of practical classes, masterclasses and theoretical classes given at the School's facilities in the Born neighbourhood in Barcelona.

In the theoretical classes you will acquire the basic fundamentals of food technology and an introduction to the world of oenology and wine tasting. This first theoretical part also includes training in restaurant management and marketing. You will obtain the essential knowledge to improve professionally in the field of gastronomy.

  • The objective of the masterclasses is to deepen the knowledge of the product, as well as the different techniques and their correct application. In these sessions, the chef teacher makes various preparations while explaining the different culinary techniques used, the characteristics of the ingredients, suggesting alternatives and ideas.
  • And finally, you will put into practice the concepts and techniques learned in the masterclass in a professional kitchen practice classroom, always with the advice and guidance of the chefs of the Hofmann School.


Contents of the first block

Masterclass and practical sessions:


Kitchen basics

Traditional cuisine

Signature and avant-garde cuisine

Creative and fusion cuisine

Molecular and deep vacuum cooking

International kitchen

Theoretical subjects:

Food Technology

Restaurant management and marketing


    • Stage in the Hofmann Restaurant (8 sessions)

    You will be able to know first-hand the running of a restaurant with a Michelin Star.

    • Participation as an assistant in the Monographic courses of the School (three sessions)

    You will be able to share experience with a top-level chef in a demonstration class with a real audience.


Evaluation of the first block

Succeeding in this first stage is the result of passing a continuous evaluation by the chefs-teachers and the delivery of a final dossier of notes. If this first stage is not passed, then it is not possible to access the internship part in a restaurant.


Stage 2: 800 hours

  • Professional practices in a collaborating restaurant.

Blanquerna University Extension Module-Ramon Llull University

In order to complement the training at the Hofmann School and learn about the reality of the haute cuisine sector, the student will finish the training with a stage in gastronomic restaurants selected according to its quality criteria. Likewise, the cycle consists of 800 hours of internships in one of the collaborating establishments. The module is endorsed by the Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences-Ramon Llull University.


Professional outings 

This course will enable you to work as a professional chef in any restaurant establishment. It is also the gateway to improve professionally in the sector or set up your own restaurant business.




At the end you will get:

  • Hofmann Diploma
  • Certificate of University Extension in Management and Cooking Practices issued by the Ramon Llull University - Blanquerna Faculty


Cost and financing

Forms of payment and financing

Course price: € 9,900

Deposit: € 550

Payment Methods:

  • 50% at the beginning of the course + 6 monthly instalments
  • Cash payment (5% discount)
  • Bank financing (please consult with us)


The price includes:



Health insurance

Does not include:

Knife set: € 475


The Hofmann School reserves the right to change the start date of the course or to cancel it in the event that the minimum number of students established is not met.

In case of cancellation (by the student), the amount paid as tuition or as a course reservation will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.


Hofmann Culinay School

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C/ Argentería, 74-78
08003 Barcelona


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