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Duration: 2 months

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This course will allow you to discover and enter the world of the Mexican cuisine, declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. From the prestigious Mexican chef Juan Rodriguez, you will discover the new flavors that the Aztec country exports to the world.

We will show you the most representative ingredients of the gastronomy of Mexico and the most outstanding recipes of the pre-Hispanic gastronomy and of mestizaje. You will learn how to prepare delicious recipes typical of traditional and modern Mexican cuisine so that you yourself are able to replicate them in your kitchen.  


Who is it aimed at?

The Hofmann School's Specialization Courses are aimed at enthusiasts and gastronomic professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of specific cooking techniques and skills, with the parameters of quality, professionalism and innovation of the Hofmann School. The homogenization of our pedagogical system makes these courses possible for both senior and amateur profiles. To study cooking at Hofmann School, the only requirement is the firm desire to do so.  



Hofmann Certificate



Duration: 2 months. 32 hours.

Hours: Monday, from 16.30h to 20.30h.

One weekly session.  



100% practical course.

With the supervision and instructions of the chef, the students will be able to make their own preparations throughout all the sessions of the course. The course is divided into four blocks:  

Prehispanic Mexican Cuisine 

Confección masa, bases with corn.

Frijol. Classes and uses.

Chile. Types of chili, treatments and utilization.

Elaboration of stews.

Use of basic machinery.

Turkey and quail.  


Mestizo Cuisine of Nueva España

Incorporation of animals.

Mixed cuisine using both ingredients.  


Typical street food in Mexico

Techniques for the use of meats, cooking, tacos, cakes, sausages and typical stews.  


Creative Mexican Cuisine

Tacos of colors, tinted of masses. Use of thickeners.

Flowers: zucchini - Jamaica Sauce.

Block of potato with crust and carnitas of duck.

Scallops 'al pastor', chiles and pineapple.

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