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Duration: 2 months

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This Specialization Course at Hofmann prepares you to start with the techniques and products of the most innovative cuisine. You will learn the techniques of avant-garde cuisine both theoretically and in practice.

Thus you will have the fundamentals, knowledge and basic skills of contemporary cuisine that will allow you to develop your own talent and creativity between stoves, designing and successfully elaborating modern recipes typical of high level restaurants.

A course created with the standards of quality and demand Hofmann that will take you to reach a culinary level superior.  


Who is it aimed at?

The Hofmann School's Specialization Courses are aimed at enthusiasts and gastronomic professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of specific cooking techniques and skills, with the parameters of quality, professionalism and innovation of the Hofmann School. The homogenization of our pedagogical system makes these courses possible for both senior and amateur profiles. To study cooking at Hofmann School, the only requirement is the firm desire to do so.  



Hofmann Certificate  



Duration: 2 months. 32 hours.

Hours: Monday, from 10am to 2pm. One weekly session.  



100% practical course.

With the supervision and instructions of our chefs, the students will be able to make their own preparations throughout all the sessions of the course.

We will perform the following techniques:  

  • Hydrocolloids
  • Textures: Emulsifiers, Thickeners, Gelling Agents, Spherification, Carga Agents.
  • New techniques
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