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Duration: 11 months

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4:30 PMh. - 7:30 PMh.


Course of

Do you like to cook but feel that you lack the knowledge to reach the level you want? Through this course, you can make the jump from home cooking to a professional level.

Hofmann Complete Cookery Training is specifically designed to offer you an excellent condensed training in a theoretical and practical course of 264 hours duration. During this time you will get to know and master the professional culinary techniques that will improve your skill as a professional chef.  


Who is it aimed at?

The Professional Courses of the Hofmann School are aimed at anyone with an interest in learning and living first-hand the world of professional hospitality, who has concerns and enthusiasm for entering the world of gastronomy and wants to receive culinary training of the highest level to develop his professional career in that area.  



Hofmann Diploma



Duration: 11 months - 264 hours.

Hours: 17h to 20h. Two weekly sessions. Monday demonstration. Tuesday or Wednesday practice session.  



Part I: All the bases of the International Cuisine.

8 lessons - 16 sessions - (48 hours)

Duration: 2 months and a half.  


Part II: Application of Part I through regional and international cookery recipes.

12 lessons - 24 sessions and 1 Theoretical / practical assessment (78 hours)

Duration: 3 and a half months.  


Part III: Application of the knowledge acquired in Part I and Part II, applied to Creative Cooking.

19 lessons - 38 sessions and 1 practical creative assessment (120 hours)

3 lessons - 6 cooking classes (18 hours)

Duration: 5 months.


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Enrollment: 550 €
Course:  5.500 € ( 500 per month)
Uniform and books: Included, Knives set, 500 €

Hofmann Culinay School

+34 933 195 889

C/ Argentería, 74-78
08003 Barcelona


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