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Start date:
Start dateApr 10, 2018
Finish date:
Finish dateApr 11, 2018
5:00 PMh. - 8:00 PMh.


Course of

Learn the secrets of these miniature gastronomic masterpieces. Discover the most innovative and creative Tapas at Hofmann School.

Tapas culture has centuries of history and an ever-increasing popularity among lovers of good food from around the world.

From the modest tradition of ancestral tapas, the introduction of new cooking techniques, the use of quality raw materials and the interest in gastronomy, creative tapas are born; innovative productions and miniature gastronomic works of art.

Creatives Tapas wants to present you with exquisite proposals of current and surprising tapas.

Learn the necessary steps to reproduce them successfully in your kitchen for the enjoyment of your guests. It will also serve as an impulse and base for your own creations.

What does it include?

6 hours of demonstrative classes.
Tasting of the recipes prepared.
Recipe dossier.
Certificate of attendance.

Hofmann Culinay School

+34 933 195 889

C/ Argentería, 74-78
08003 Barcelona


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