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Start date:
Start dateNov 12, 2021
Finish date:
Finish dateDec 17, 2021
4:30 PMh. - 8:00 PMh.



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If you want your Christmas table to shine with the best sweets during these Holidays and you want to learn in a practical way how to prepare the best dessert recipes from different European countries, sign up for this course.


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In this course, the pastry chefs of the Hofmann School led by Miquel Guarro, offer a tour of the most emblematic Christmas desserts from different European countries: from the traditional Christmas cookies from Switzerland, passing through the German Stollen, La Galette des Rois French or Hofmann's Best-Seller nougats, among others.
Following the Hofmann learning by doing methodology, the pastry chefs will guide you and teach you the pastry techniques and tricks to prepare desserts with professional standards.
You will learn to make 10 emblematic references of Christmas sweets with professional techniques and with the highest quality standards.
100% practical course.


The Specialization Courses of the Hofmann School are aimed at gastronomic enthusiasts and professionals who wish to deepen in specific techniques and skills, in this case in the field of French pastry with the parameters of quality, professionalism and innovation of the Hofmann School.

The homogenization of our pedagogical system means that these courses can be carried out by both senior and amateur profiles. To study cooking at the Hofmann School of Hospitality, the only requirement is a strong desire to do so.



Start: November 12th, 2021 | End: December 16th, 2021

Hours: Friday from 4.30pm to 8pm. One weekly session.

Duration: 8 sessions



  • Nougat de Montélimart - French sweet similar to nougat
  • Polvoron
  • Basel delicacies - Traditional Swiss biscuit.
  • Chocolate fir tree with nuts
  • Spice bread
  • Stollen - German Christmas sweet bread
  • Galette des Rois - French roscón with inverted puff pastry
  • Decorated biscôme - Type of gingerbread
  • Chocolate nougat from the Hofmann patisserie: corona nougat and volcanic nougat
  • Christmas tree


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Course Amount: € 620
Split payment: € 310 for 2 payments *.
Uniform and book: € 80.
Probe: € 60.

The first payment will be made at the time of reserving the place and the next payment at the beginning of the course.

In case of cancellation (by the student), the amount paid for the reservation of the course will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Hofmann Diploma

The school reserves the right to change the date of the start of the course or to cancel it in case the minimum number of students established is not met.

The school complies with all the security and prevention protocols of the Covid.

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