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Start dateApr 3, 2018
Finish date:
Finish dateApr 4, 2018
5:00 PMh. - 8:00 PMh.


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Can you imagine the delight of freshly baked bread? With this monographic course we teach you the technique so that you can prepare bread with your own hands and enjoy it.

Bread is an ancestral food and one of the basic preparations that every lover of cooking wants to know and practice. Preparing bread has something of a magic and poetic touch and all the senses intervene in it; from the touch during kneading and sight to check the point of rising, to the aromas coming from the oven during its cooking, the wonderful sound of crunchy crust to be broken and its freshly prepared and hot flavor.

Through the monograph course "Bread for Beginners" you will learn the fundamentals and techniques necessary to introduce yourself into the wonderful world of bread preparation.

You will learn about the ingredients and agents that influence its elaboration. With the acquired knowledge you will be able to enjoy the intimate pleasure of preparing bread with your own hands and filling your kitchen with a succulent aroma while baking, anticipating its tasting.

What does it include?

6 hours of demonstrative classes.
Tasting of the recipes prepared.
Recipe dossier.
Certificate of attendance.

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