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Start dateSep 12, 2022
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The Hofmann Hostelry Course is the most comprehensive and highest level training course given in our School. You will train as a professional chef through a combination of comprehensive theoretical training combined with practical training in a restaurant with a Michelin star.
If your passion is gastronomy and your ultimate objective is to make it your profession, we guarantee that in our school you have an enriching experience that will be the turning point in your professional career.


The Hofmann HostelryCourse is aimed at young people between the ages of 17 and 25 years with completed ESO or equivalent studies who wish to obtain the knowledge and qualifications necessary to develop their professional career as chefs.

If your goal is to become a chef, a head chef working in one of the most recognized restaurants in the world, a head of catering services, an executive chef or gastronomic consultant or manage your own restaurant business this is your course.

At the Hofmann School you will learn the culinary knowledge and necessarytechniques to develop your professional project in the world of hostelry. More than 37 years of experience and numerous awards back our school.



  • The only school in Spain and the first in Europe with a Michelin star.
  • 99% of our students find a job at the end of the course.
  • 75% consists of practical training.
  • More than 37 years of experience and the quality of the Hofmann Group.
  • University Blanquerna Certificate (Ramon Llull University).
  • Privileged location: the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, in the heart of an open and cosmopolitan city with a world recognized gastronomic tradition.



The Hofmann School curriculum is unique and custom designed by the school from its inception. It has been evolving and adapting to the needs of the hostelry market and always maintains the highest standards of teaching standards.

The HostelryCourse lasts 27 months + 6 months of university extension, divided in four cycles:

Practical demonstration classes that take place at the school. It is an intensive cooking training course that prepares the student to join the Hofmann Gastronomic Restaurant (1 Michelin Star) in January 2023.

Combination in alternate weeks between internships at the Hofmann Gastronomic Restaurant and theory classes at the school (mornings). The student begins the immersion in the world of cooking in a real environment (Hofmann Gastronomic Restaurant). From the first day, he/she assumes responsibility for the restaurant's food offering and menus with the help and monitoring of our professional chefs.

The theoretical classes always expand and reinforce the practical learning performedat the restaurant.

Combination in alternate weeks between practical sessions at the Hofmann Gastronomic Restaurant and theory classes at the school (afternoons). In this academic year, the student is given more and more responsibilities and begins to reinforce creativity and innovation in the gastronomic offer. In this case, the student will be responsible for the restaurant's dinner service.

College extension. Theoretical classes at the Ramon Llull University combined with internships in one of the top level collaborating restaurants in the program.



  • Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Hygiene
  • Economy and Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Oenology
  • Gastronomic Culture
  • English Language
  • Career Final Project
  • Internships at the Hofmann Gastronomic Restaurant
  • Internships at School



Theory classes at Blanquerna (Ramon Llull University).

Internship in a collaborating restaurant (Celler de Can Roca, Tickets, Michel Bras, Mugaritz, Lasarte, Alkimia and the Mandarin Oriental among others).



At the Hofmann School of Hostelry we have created a carefully designed training plan to enhance the talent of up and coming chefs, which provides all the necessary knowledge to become highly qualified professionals. Learning begins with basic cuisine knowledge and getting to learn the various techniques in order to promote creativity and individual talent.

The main characteristic of the Hofmann training method is the large number of practical hours that we offer (75% of the total teaching hours). The concept of "Pedagogical Restaurant" is clearly seenat Hofmann. The combination of theory and practice sessions is specially designed to provide students with the tools that allow them to operate as high-level professionals, regardless of the specialty they choose. In addition, another characteristic of our training model is the opportunity offered to the student to be in contact and handle food and produce of the highest quality.

Our methodology is based on a combination of:

  • Theory classes that take place in the school classrooms (they can be online if required by the situation). The classes are interactive and the student participates actively in the activities and exercises proposed. They are always related and reinforce the aspects learned in the restaurant.
  • Master classes: demonstration sessions in which the professional chef makes various dishes while explaining the different culinary techniques used, the characteristics of the ingredients and suggests alternatives and tips. Those are carried out at the Hofmann school (they can be online if required by the situation). The school collaborates with highly recognized professional specialists in their field.
  • Professional pedagogical outings (markets, producers, distributors ...) that take place throughout the course.
  • Internship at the Hofmann Gastronomic Restaurant(1 Michelin star)
  • Higher module as an university extension, 800 hours being practical sessions that are carried out in one of the collaborating restaurants and 50 hours consist of theoretical hours at the University.
  • Internship in pastry (optional)


At the end you will receive:

  • Hofmann Hostelry Diploma
  • University Extension Certificate in Management and Cooking Practices issued by the Ramon Llull University- Blanquerna Faculty
  • Hofmann Pastry Diploma (optional)

Ramon LlullEscuela de Hostelería Hofmann



Course price: € 29.400

Course price including the pastry specialty extension: € 33.600

Deposit: € 550



  • 50% at the beginning of the course + 28 monthly installments of € 525 each (€ 600 per month if the pastry specialty is included)
  • Cash payment in advance (5% discount)
  • Bank financing (please ask for details)



  • Kitchen uniform
  • General uniform
  • Books and booklets
  • Knife set
  • Study trips
  • Medical certificate
  • University fees


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