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Duration: 28 months

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The Hofmann Hostelry Course is the highest level course taught by the Hofmann School. If you are between 16 and 27 years old and want to develop a professional career in the hospitality industry or pastry & confectionery with the highest quality standards, this is your course and Hofmann is your school.

If you are creative, dynamic, have work capacity and motivation, the Hofmann School guarantees you a formative and unique experience that will accompany you long life. Training with us will bring you the knowledge and teach you the skills and techniques necessary for you to develop all your culinary potential and talent. 


Who is it aimed at?

The Hospitality Hofmann Course is aimed at young people between 16 and 27 years old, who want to develop their profession as chefs based on the standards of quality and excellence of Hofmann School.


Why Hofmann School?

The Hofmann School offers you the best training in a gastronomic group of world-famous worldwide renowned gastronomic group consisting of a school and several catering establishments, each with its own personality.

You will receive your theoretical and practical training in the best facilities, in a lively environment that invites you to learn, with the latest technology and tools at the forefront of cooking and knowledge.

You can be trained in an internationally recognized school, with the prestige and professionalism that guarantees it, with what this means for your professional career no matter where you decide to develop it.

You can do your practical training in a Michelin star-awarded restaurant, of which you will be an active part. An opportunity within reach of few people all over the world, that will allow you to know from within the demands and procedures of an establishment of this level.

You will carry out practical exercises with materials and products of the highest category from the very beginning.

You will learn to develop your talent and culinary skills together with world-renowned chefs who will transmit you knowledge and inspire you with inspiration, technique and working methodology to reach the level of professionalism you dream of.



Hofmann's diploma. Specialty Cooking
Hofmann's diploma. Specialty Pastry



At Hofmann we have created a carefully designed training plan to enhance the talent of aspiring chefs and confectioners, which provides them with all the necessary knowledge to develop themselves as highly qualified professionals.

The 28-month  Course offers students the unique opportunity to practice at the Hofmann Restaurant with a Michelin Star. After 3 months of intensive learning in the School, all the students alternate weeks of training and practice at Hofmann Restaurant, applying all the knowledge acquired in the classrooms in a real working environment.



Duration: 28 months

140 hours demonstration classes
2415 cooking hours + 422 practice hours pastry
920 hours theoretical subjects

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It is in the kitchen where the student acquires and develops his or her most practical knowledge. Under the continuous supervision of the teachers, the student is evaluated on a daily basis in his or her role as a cook. Skills, responsibility, technical application, and teamwork are all worked on.

The internships are carried out entirely on the Hofmann school grounds in alternating weeks, with days of approximately 9 hours, at all times supervised and supervised by the tutors. For this purpose, we have the Hofmann Restaurant, with a Michelin Star, which allows us to carry out a course of this nature, creating very high expectations in terms of training and demand.

The final objective is to provide the student with learning and mastery of all culinary techniques through the Hofmann label in haute cuisine.


Hofmann Culinay School

+34 933 195 889

C/ Argentería, 74-78
08003 Barcelona


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