My experience at Hofmann was the beginning of my passion for cooking

Date: Monday, July 27, 2020

Today we had the pleasure of sharing and remembering the experience of Nacho Baucells, a former Hofmann student and current Chef de cuisine at Celler de Can Roca.

Tell us Nacho, how did your passion for gastronomy start?

My passion started when I was little as I watched my mother or grandmother while they cooked and often tried to help them.

Why Hofmann?

Because it seemed to me like a school that not only taught you how to cook and improve your technique, but also trained you as a cook. Rigor, passion, companionship. So it was.

How was your experience during training at school?

My experience during the training was very good since I understood such important values ​​as teamwork, love for what you do, etc.

What do you value most about the training?

What I value the most is that when you finish the course you have the ability to start in a restaurant, that is, it does not come again because, during the training, you have been able to know what it is to work in a restaurant and above the requirement of 1 Michelin star such as Hofmann's.

How has your training at The Hofmann School of Hospitality influenced your professional experience?

It has influenced me a lot. I have been able to value all the advice and learning that I learned at school daily in my work.

What have been the most important challenges you have had to face in your current position?

I have had many important challenges and not only at Celler de Can Roca. But one of them that I remember very fondly was when we went for three years in a row to go around the world cooking with the restaurant, facing all the difficulties it has...

What message would you give to current students?

I advise you to fight for your dreams, to love all the moments that you spend in the kitchens of the school and above all to know how to value all the learning that is in it.

What would you say to a person who wants to start in this world?

My recommendation is that they are completely sure that they like cooking as work. It is a very nice profession but also very hard. You have to have a lot of passion to get what you want.



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