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Mey Hofmann possesses a extensive, varied and complete background. She has studied economics, interior design, gemology and jewelry design. Her knowledge in all these fields eventually converged in the professional activity that has made her famous: gastronomy.

She discovered her passion for cooking in childhood and combined this with her studies. After training in the best schools and kitchens across Europe she felt the need to share her knowledge and experiences. This was then the origin of the renowned cookery school and later restaurant in Argentería Street, now located in the uptown area of ​​Barcelona. A must for those who consider cuisine an art and where the product is the starting point for everything. A top class product with tradition and a degree of creativity that has developed over time, with technology but without fanfare.



Awarded a Michelin star in 2004, through years of dedication she has earned international recognition in the culinary world. As Ferran Adrià says in the preface of Hofmann’s book dedicated to the world of all things sweet: "In the backdrop of Spanish haute cuisine, the name of Mey Hofmann can only inspire respect and admiration. Indeed, Mey is much more than a cook, and the school that bears her name is more than a school. Mey is one of the great protagonists of the huge momentum that our cuisine has experienced in recent years and all this is due to her great personality, her extraordinary capacity for work and her love for what she does”.

Her latest project is a new space where her dreams come true. Her pastry shop. Located at 44 Flassaders street, in the picturesque district of La Ribera. There, those with a sweet tooth can find a repertoire which includes cakes for one or more, cakes to dream about made to order for special occasions, sweets, chocolates, jams, biscuits, pastries - quite a compelling proposition for the five senses.